Blue Angel Energy Efficient Effluent Pump Debuts at ASPE Show

By Maureen  

ASPE PHOTOBlue Angel’s new energy efficient 1/3 HP Effluent Pump was unveiled at the Engineered Plumbing Exposition, sponsored by the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE), November 1 – 2, 2010 in Philadelphia, PA.  The high head pump, also available in a ½ HP unit, features an all cast iron housing and volute for superior durability and long-term performance.  Pumping 65 GPM at five feet, the pump also features a hermetically sealed motor housing, carbon/ceramic shaft seals and upper and lower sealed roller bearings for continuous, reliable performance.  The discharge nozzle can handle up to ½ inch solids.

With energy savings top of mind for plumbing contractors and their customers, the new 1/3 HP Effluent Pump features a high efficiency motor, with 3300 RPMs at 3.8 amps for optimal energy performance.  A top suctioning design also filters debris and minimizes clogging.

According to Steve Brown, Regional Sales Manager, Blue Angel Pumps, “The ASPE show had great traffic and the Effluent Pump received many positive reviews.  There is also excitement about our new focus on energy efficient product lines.” For more information about the new pump, stay tuned for upcoming details on